FAQs – HUYlab

Should the biosafety cabinet be run continuously?

The cabinet must not be situated directly under or adjacent to the room air supply as the exhaust air from the cabinet will disrupt the air supply. If possible, continuous operation of the cabinets helps to control dust levels and other airborne particulates.

What is a ductless fume hood used for?

Ductless fume hoods, sometimes called carbon-filtered enclosures or filtered fume hoods, are self-contained, filtered laboratory enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from the laboratory.

What's your lab furniture production line?

Lab workbench, fume hood, storage cabinet, safety cabinet, lab stools, lab fittings.

Why would you need a cleanroom?

Maximising product yield, improving quality control and ensuring safety are common reasons to use a cleanroom. Cleanliness is only one of the aspects controlled within a cleanroom system. Cleanrooms can also control temperature, humidity, sound, lighting, and vibration when necessary.

What Is A Wet Scrubber?

Wet scrubbers can remove particulate matter by capturing them in liquid droplets. The droplets are then collected, with the liquid dissolving or absorbing the pollutant gases. Any droplets that are in the scrubber inlet gas must be separated from the outlet gas stream using a mist eliminator.